Android Studio, which includes the SDK and NDK, is supposed to be freely licensed (mainly Apache 2.0) but the official binaries aren't.

On download, we are requested to accept conditions such as:

"3.2 You may not use this SDK to develop applications for other
platforms (including non-compatible implementations of Android) or
to develop another SDK."

"4.2 You agree to use the SDK and write applications only for purposes
that are permitted by (a) the License Agreement and (b) any
applicable law, regulation or [etc.]"

This project rebuilds the development tools from the free source, hence without requiring users to accept non-free terms.

We also do not filter downloads based on the originating IP.


We want free-as-in-freedom development tools to target the popular Android platform.

This is somewhat similar to the MinGW project's scope which is providing free development tools to target the MS Windows platform.

Non-scope: this project does not intend to free/deblob/rebuild the full AOSP project. Other projects such as Replicant or LineageOS are better suited for that. We also don't intend to provide 3rd-party free software, see F-Droid for a free-software application store.


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Status 2017