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Update build environment external links
Update build environment external links
Links to targeted rebuilds
build time without me using the computer
make PRODUCT-sdk_arm64-sdk
SDK 8.1.0: repo build
SDK: update
SDK 8.0.0: first build
SDK 8.0.0
What I understood of the SDK build system
Update build recap for r21 (notably buidtools 28.0.2)
Fix version
SDK 8.1.0: first build
win_sdk and 'user' build variant
Link to Git
Initial version
NDK 18: first build
NDK hub page
SDK 9.0.0: optimized build
Link to official OS requirement
Link to official JDK requirement
SDK Tools 26.1.1: fix syntax and relocate TODO
SDK Tools 26.1.1: first build
Move from SDK_tools
Use same naming convention as SDK
Separate instructions for different versions
SDK 9.0.0: no new errors
SDK 9.0.0: build results
More SDK versions
First build
Mention date-frozen Ubuntu Docker images
Use of OpenJDK 8 documented since 2016-02-12
SDK 6.0.1: new rebuild stats
Add link to build recipe
NDK: precise build time
Rebuild NDK10e
Missing ca-certificates dependency for git clone; normalize patch paths
Syntax fix
Rebuilt 5.1.1 with r37 (title fix)
Rebuilt 5.1.1 with r37
Update date
No more build server
Fix disk space
Update to r31
Re-upload 6.0.1 + update revs
Point to some salvages binaries
Reorganize sections hierarchy
Move up automation
Fix dl links
Reference previous version
syntax fix
Reference build recipes
6.0.0r1 -> 6.0.1r10 upgrade
move out variable build times
New minor version of SDK
5.1.1r18 -> 5.1.1r24 upgrade
Update windows build space and versions for r24
Update build space for r24
Update disk space for r24
Links to versions
Terms and Conditions: new link
Test rebuilding with Docker
Update stats
Precise deps
Link to 6.0.0r1 builds
Windows OK
Versions fixes
GNU/Linux build OK
Initial version
SDK 6.0.0
Sync index changes
Initial version
Ubuntu 10.04
Prebuilts: link
Fix numbering
Build dependencies
Don't assume 'repo' is in the PATH
Don't assume 'repo' is in the PATH
Link to build environments
Link to build environments
Add recommended build environment history
Initial version
Link to build environments
Add 'repo' instructions